Yasar YCM-185 – Hammer Crusher Mill

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Intended Use:

The crusher mill is a machine, which breaks down the hard or soft materials by breaking them in accordance with the size of the sieve holes selected by hammers connected to the rotor circumference. With the crusher mill, the final product with a particle diameter of 1 mm to 10 mm can be taken.

Application Fields:

Crusher Machines are generally used for preparing feed in feed mills, flour mills, paddy mills or farms. and so on. In addition to materials such as barley, wheat, corn, the machines can also be used to break flour and the protrusions of the paddy factory. The machine can also be used for crushing and shredding of various recycling products.

Features & Advantages:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick parts change
  • High size reduction ratio
  • Low spare parts cost
  • Product control with adjustable grid

Technical Specifications:

  • The machine is manufactured with 48 blades.
  • The blades are made of special alloy steel and are hardened by heat treatment.
  • The grinding blades are connected to a dynamically balanced 4-group hammer rotor.
  • Inside the grinder cage are special alloy braking plates.
  • Special production is made 150 mm wider than standard machines between sieve and frame.
  • Hammers and hammer bar shafts are hardened by special heat treatment.
  • Grinding hammers have independent dynamic and static balances.
  • The hammers and sieves of the machine are easily replaceable.
  • A metal separator magnet is placed in the 250 mm gap in the flow of the milling hopper. (Optional)
  • The machine can be used with special heat treatment hardened sieves with hole diameters of ⌀2,5 – ⌀3 – ⌀4 – ⌀5 – ⌀6 mm and thickness of 2 mm.
  • The machine capacity varies between 800 kg / h and 2500 kg / h, depending on the moisture content of the product, product type and sieve hole diameters.
  • Engine: 18,5-22 KW OPTIONAL engine is being used.

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