Testing Rice Mills Zaccaria PAZ-1 DTA

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The Zaccaria Rice Mill model PAZ-1 DTA has been developed for determining milling yields in rice processing. Each variety of rice has their own milling yields, depending upon field conditions, rice variety, weather and other factors. Therefore it is essential to determine the total yield & percentage of whole grains that will be obrained during milling.

Considered the most important single piece of equipment in a rice test labs, it is suitable for the full range in the rice industry rice producers to industrial rice millers – as it is used to provide accurate and reliable references when marketing the product. Based on same working principle as commercial milling equipment, this rice tester separates the husk from paddy, whitens and grades the rice by length and /or thickness. The result from the labs mill duplicates the mill performance. The PAZ-1 DTA has innovative features relative to standardization of settings, allowing you to perform test repeatedly. All parameters of tests can be calibrated, so that the results remain unchanged even when the machine is operated by different operators.

Thechnical Features

  • Uniform feeding through a vibrating chute
  • Husking is done by rubber rolls
  • Husk are separated in an aspiration chamber and collected by a cyclone
  • Whitening is done by the friction principle, by using an abrasive ring and a rubber brake
  • Separation of whole kernels from brokens is done by an intended cylinder
  • Separation of red rice or immature grains is done by thickness through a slotled cylinder (optional)
  • Functions are controled and monitored through a digital control panel
  • Counter to record number of testes performed is included
  • Permits checking all parameters of tests performed, ensuring standardization and duplication of results
  • Adjustment knobs made of stainless steel
  • Supplied with a single phase electric motor
  • Supplied with air filter and collection box