Rice Milling Machine Zaccaria ZX-6

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The RURAL ZX-6 Rice Milling Machine was developed to attend the requirements of small farms and small rice mills. Modern and compact, is the words that define the ZX-6, what guarantee excellent yield and polishing into most variety rice types with a small area and power consumption requirement. During the ZX-6 manufacture process, only high quality materials and precision process are used, passing thought rigorous programs of tests and quality. The rice milling machine model ZX-6 with optional accessories, electric (single phase or three-phase) or diesel powered, promote an excellent polished grain surface, granting the rice an even higher quality, where the farmer or small rice milling can get a better market value for his final product, where the farmer or small rice milling could has a better market price for his final product.

Optional Accessories

  • Length Grader Kit: The indent cylinder (trieur type) supplied originally from Zaccaria with 6,0 mm indent.
  • Feeding Bucket Elevator with hopper for zx-6.
  • Husker Cyclone: consist in a centrifugal collector with involved inlet.
  • Metallic Base: Developed and manufactured in welded angle bar especially for ZX-6. His efficient design allow the ZX-6 receive the paddy rice from the feeding bucket elevator and during the process, discharge the white rice into the length grader at the same time.
  • Transmission System: The bearings of axle transmission are supported by two bases manufactured in “U” fixed on the floor. The transmission system includes belts for the diesel motor or electrical motor.
  • PLRZ-1: Pre-Cleaner supplied by independent motor.