Yasar VTE-5 – Vibro Dust Sieve

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Intended Use:

It is used for separating crumbs or block products in the product. The machine can be manufactured using a screen, wire mesh or perforated sheet in desired sizes. Depending on the area of use, the machine can be produced with wheels or fixed legs.

Application Fields:

Although the machine is generally used in the food industry, it can also be used in feed, seed cleaning facilities, corn mills, recycling and environmental protection sectors.

Features & Advantages:

  • Long lifetime and minimum consumable requirement
  • Easy sieve changeable
  • Low energy consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Centrifugal vibrating screening system

Technical Specifications:

  • Vibration movement is provided by vibro motors placed on the chassis according to the product and operating principle.
  • Striking intensity can be adjusted according to the condition of the process to the vibro motor. In this way, even a high-Newton vibrator gives the desired small vibration force.
  • The machine has a changeable sieve size and has a wide range of uses.
  • It is used for the purposes of feeding, transporting the product, filling the solid product, and separating it from substances that are not required to be calibrated.
  • Vibration springs placed according to the functionality of the screen; It provides damping of the vibration movement and continuous repetition of the radiation.

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