White grade meter for rice KETT model C-600

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  • Accelerates control and management of cereal polishing yield
  • Blue LED light source enhances heat stability and extends lifespan
  • Measurement can be initiated approximately 20 seconds after startup and heating
  • Lightweight and compact: Compared to C-300, C-600 is 3 kg lighter and 23.5 cm shallower in depth.
  • Ecodesign: Utilizing blue LED lamps significantly extends the light source lifespan, reduces energy consumption, and minimizes heat dissipation.
  • Instant measurement: Thanks to improved sensitivity calibration, initial measurement can be taken within 20 seconds of powering on the C-600.
  • One-click sensitivity adjustment: By measuring the included optical standard, instrument sensitivity can be maintained. Simply press the “STD” button, and the instrument automatically adjusts to factory specifications. This feature eliminates the need for calibration at a specialized center.
  • Easy maintenance: Apart from the sample case, only one part needs to be kept clean to ensure accurate measurements – the glass filter. Just open the front cover, remove, clean, and/or replace it.