Humidity meter (thermobalance) KETT model FD-660

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  • Basic model emphasizing fundamental performance.
  • Display of minimum moisture content at 0.01%, weight display at 5 mg.
  • Drift reduction through automatic taring.
  • Two types of measurement modes: automatic and timed.
  • User-friendly LED control panel. LEDs on the control panel illuminate to indicate user-executable operations or notify the operator of unit status.
  • Two types of measurement modes. This product offers two types of measurement modes, “Automatic Stop Mode” and “Timed Stop Mode,” allowing measurements under appropriate drying conditions based on the sample’s drying characteristics.
  • Measurement condition storage capability. Five (5) slots are available for storing measurement conditions. Storing different sample measurement conditions in these slots enables users to easily conduct measurements.
  • Data memory function. This product can store up to 50 sets of measurement data, facilitating the output of large batches of data at once.
  • Preheating mode. Equipped with a preheating mode to eliminate measurement errors occurring immediately after startup or when the measurement instrument’s internal temperature isn’t stable.
  • Stainless steel sample pan with a 110 mm diameter. The expanded sample pan allows for larger sample sizes, enhancing sample representativeness and drying efficiency.
  • Connectable to printer and PC. Connection to a printer (optional) and PC, along with the use of the “FDL-02” data logger (optional), enables detection of drying status during measurement, printing and displaying final measurement values, and other data.
  • High-performance balance and automatic drift compensation mechanism. The integrated electronic balance can be calibrated using standard weights. However, even with a high-performance electronic balance, drift due to temperature variations during measurement cannot be fully avoided. Therefore, this product features the “Auto Taring Mechanism,” which allows zero adjustment during measurement. This mechanism minimizes the influence of balance scale drift, ensuring highly reliable measurements.