GEHAKA model GRAINSENSE A-2 portable NIR analyzer for grain

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  • Developed by GrainSense, the portable NIR analyzer is effective for grain and seed quality control. The product operates based on near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR), which falls within the third harmonic wavelength range. This technique has been used in laboratory tools for years.
  • Thanks to its patented sampling technology (grain inside an “integrating sphere”), the intensity of reflected light reaching the detector is very high. This allows for the creation of a precise, compact, and durable device that operates on rechargeable AA batteries.
  • The GrainSense analyzer measures grain quality parameters for any calibrated species. Protein, moisture, carbohydrate, and oil content are measured within seconds. The product interacts with and is controlled by a mobile app via Bluetooth, with the advantage of online firmware updates.
  • The app connects to the cloud to upload calibrations and other necessary settings into the analyzer and sends the measurement results to GrainSense’s cloud-based database.
  • The cloud-based database and API store measurement results and provide updated calibrations and settings for the analyzer (through the mobile app). Cloud services include access to the GrainSense app and the GrainSense control panel.
  • Short measurement time.
  • Compatible with simpler technologies.
  • Cloud-based database, ensuring always up-to-date information.
  • Operates through a mobile app on smartphones.
  • Shock-resistant.
  • Compact tool that’s easy to carry.