GEHAKA model G810 IP humidity, WEIGHT and temperature meter

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  • Absolute precision ensured by the new automatic calibration function, which adjusts the measurement system before each reading.
  • The G810 series supports online updates and selection of calibration curves via the Internet, utilizing the exclusive system developed by Gehaka.
  • G810 IP comes with an integrated compact thermal printer.
  • While there are 68 default calibrations, the G810 can accommodate up to 250 scales.
  • Calibration curves have been developed at the manufacturer’s lab following international standard methodologies from ISO, AACC, AOCS, and ASABE.
  • These calibrations are reviewed annually, taking into account all grain types produced in Brazil and other countries.
  • A novel algorithm swiftly performs automatic humidity compensation based on the temperature difference between the sample and the tester.
  • The G810 calculates all necessary corrections and displays the following sample readings on its alphanumeric screen:
    • Moisture percentage of the sample (%U).
    • Approximate sample density (kg/Hl).
    • Temperature (ºC or ºF).
  • After each measurement, the G810 generates reports that can be printed or transferred to a recording system detailing all measurement parameters. These include the sample’s moisture content, the approximate specific weight of the sample, temperatures of the sample and tester, date and time, product name, sample weight, tester serial number, and versions of firmware, hardware, and merchandise calibration, following ISO/GLP and GMP procedures.