GEHAKA humidity and temperature meter model G939 IP

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  • Conducts non-destructive tests. Simply pour the specified sample quantity into the measuring funnel, and the G939 automatically initiates the measurement process. It measures the temperature and weight of the product before discharging it into the test chamber to measure humidity.
  • The accuracy of measurements across a wide range of products is ensured by the new self-calibration feature, which adjusts the measurement system before each test. The G939 series allows for online calibration curve updates and selection, using Gehaka’s exclusive system. Available G910 models include:
    • G939 IP – Equipped with a compact thermal printer connected to the front panel of the tester.
  • Sixty-eight preset calibrations are available, and up to 250 can be added.
  • Calibration curves have been derived in a laboratory using a drying oven with a standard methodology, following international standards. They are reassessed yearly, considering all types of grains and seeds produced in Brazil and other countries.
  • Additionally, it features a new compensation algorithm to automatically adjust the sample’s humidity due to the effects of both the sample and the tester’s temperature.
  • The G939 computes all the necessary corrections and displays on its alphanumeric screen the following sample readings:
    • Sample moisture percentage (%U).
    • Temperature (ºC or ºF).
  • After each measurement, the tester’s software generates reports that can be printed or transferred to a computer system, recording all measurement parameters such as the moisture content of the sample, temperatures of the sample and tester, date and time, product name, sample weight, tester serial number, and versions of firmware, hardware, and raw material calibration, following ISO/GLP and GMP procedures.