Rice Four Moisture Tester Kett PR930

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The moisture content of both rice flour and milled rice can be promptly measured with this one tester.

Rice flour has been used increasingly for bread, confectionery,and noodles instead of f lour recently, which has created a surge in demand for rice flour.

Rice flour has become popular not only because its texture and unique sweetness but also because it leads to increase in domestic food selfsufficiency,and the expansion of its applications is now being promoted.

The Rice Flour Moisture Tester Kett PR930, can promptly and simply measure the moisture content of “Rice Flour” in the spotlight, what is more, the moisture content of “Milled Rice”, the raw material of rice flour.

Rice Flour Moisture Tester Kett PR930 has been developed by applying the technologies of grain moisture testers cultivated for many years in our company, which is a very moisture tester for rice flour.

This tester is essential for quality control of rice flour.


Simple operation

Measurement is simple.

① Place a test sample,

② Rotate the handle,

③ And just press the”MEA.” button.

Moisture content is displayed in a few second.Moisture contents of rice flour and milled rice measurable

An object to be measured, rice flour or milled rice, is selectable with one selection button. Two sampling trays per each of rice flour and milled rice are attached.

2 pieces of sampling trays for milled rice

2 pieces of sampling trays for rice flour

3 pieces of metal plates (for rice flour to be compressed)Backlight LCD equipped

This tester is usable even in the dark.Average value display function

An average value of up to 9 measured results can be displayed.Moisture quality control from milled rice as a raw material with use of the Rice Flour Moisture Tester, “PR-930″, is helpful for improving the quality of rice flour manufacturing. Moisture control of rice flour results in improving the quality of rice flour products.

Technical Features

  • Applications: Rice flour, Milled rice (short & long)
  • Measurement range: Rice flour: 8.0 to 18.0 %, Milled rice (short & long): 11.0 to 20.0 % (However, the temperature shall be 20 °C or higher for rice flour. If the measurement is performed at the temperature of less than 20 °C, the measurement precision for a test sample with low moisture decreases.)
  • Measurement precision: Rice flour: standard error of 0.25 % (1σ), 135 °C, 3 g, 1-hour method Milled rice (short & long): standard error of 0.25% (1σ), 130 °C, 5g crushed, 2-hour method
  • Display format: Digital (LCD, minimum display digit 0.1%, backlight equipped)
  • Operating temperature range: 5 -40°C
  • Temperature compensation: Automatic temperature correction using thermistor
  • Power supply:1.5 V (AA battery) x 4 pieces (auto power off function after 5 minutes) Power consumption: Max. 0.3 W
  • Dimensions and weight: 164 (W) x 94 (D) x 64.5 (H) mm, Approx. 0.44 kg
  • Accessories: Sampling tray 4 pieces (2pcs per each of rice flour and milled rice), Metal plate (3 pcs), Cleaning brush (2types), Spoon with tweezers, Battery (AA size x4pcs), Battery holder, Carrying case, Operating Manual