Optical sorting machine for grain, DRIED FRUIT, FISH, SALT, SAND, PLASTICS ANZAI LEO-SERIES

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  • Automatically detects items to be discarded, product is photographed and shown on the operation panel
  • Touching the photo on the control panel teaches the machine what to discard
  • Specific shape and geometry recognition program for even more accurate selection
  • Specific product feature recognition program for even more accurate selection
  • Recognition of over 16,770,000 different colors to which hue, saturation, contrast are also added
  • Easy and unique operation
  • Special automatic sensitivity for defect removal
  • Defect selection by the new interface on the control panel where you teach the machine what to discard by touching the picture of the product to be discarded with the simple gesture of your finger
  • Use of latest generation LED lamps with high luminous efficiency and about ten times longer life than previous lamps
  • Ability to select products by length as well
  • Compact space-saving design
  • NIR infrared cameras to discard even translucent foreign bodies such as glass and plastic
  • Convenient and functional control panel to keep all machine functions under control
  • Presence of different machine models to meet all possible customer needs according to the hourly processing rate
  • Remote machine control service to check for faults and errors directly from Japan