KERN price computing scale models RIB, RPB, RFE

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  • Ideal balance for salads, desserts, quality control, portion control, or bulk product weighing: Shop without plastic waste and packaging at supermarkets offering bulk products.
  • Large LCD display with four indicators for weight display (certifiable), base price, selling price, and the stored TARE or PRE-TARE value.
  • TARE value display: Indicates a TARE or PRE-TARE value stored in the PLU, allowing secure and legally compliant storage in accordance with Weights and Measures regulations.
  • Second display on the back of the scale.
  • Built-in indicator stand for elevation, easily attachable or detachable by the user. The electric cable for the second display can be neatly and hygienically routed within the foldable stand. Stand height approx. 395 mm.
  • Easily understandable universal symbols, e.g., for weight, unit weight, total price, make this scale comprehensible and user-friendly worldwide.
  • Switchable base price from €/kg to €/100 g.
  • Auto-Clear button: Set base price is automatically cleared when the scale is empty.
  • Memory (PLU) for 100 item prices.
  • 4 direct price buttons for frequently priced items.
  • Item designation can be entered in clear text, stored, and displayed on the screen.
  • Programmable header and footer for direct scale-based printing.
  • Maximum mobility: Powered by a rechargeable battery (available on request), with a flat and compact design, and reduced weight, suitable for various locations.
  • Bottom recessed grip for easy transportation.