KERN analytical balances models ADB, ADJ, ABS-N, ABJ-NM, ACS, ACJ, ALS-A, ALJ-A, ABT, ABP, ABP-A

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  • Equipped with 3 automatic sliding doors that open and close through integrated sensors and ionizer
  • The Memory function stores the extent to which the sliding doors have been opened, preventing contamination and expediting processes. Slightly activating the sliding doors triggers the Push function, causing the doors to open/close automatically. The adjustable internal wind guard ensures stable weighing values.
  • This new generation of analytical balances combines utmost precision with wide weighing ranges. Thanks to the new Single-Cell generation, weighing results are displayed in a fraction of time compared to comparable models. Coupled with an intuitively structured menu, this ensures efficient and swift work.
  • Cross for navigating through the menu with maximum speed.
  • Internal automatic adjustment with temperature variations > 1°C and chronological control every 4 hours, ensuring utmost accuracy and independence from installation location.
  • Minimum weight can be manually stored or calculated automatically. For weighings below this value, the balance emits a warning message.
  • Dosing support: High-stability mode and selectable filter settings.
  • Convenience in mixture composition/documentation with tare/print combined function. Additionally, mixture components can be automatically numbered and printed with their respective number/weight values.
  • Customizable user settings can be stored for up to 10 users: User name/user number (can be printed for each process or added to data records), password, menu language, user profiles, user settings retrieval via barcode, additional guest mode for non-logged-in users, permissions (e.g., balance registration), modification of settings or creation/modification of a mixture only by authorized personnel & execution of mixture composition by the user.
  • RS-232 and USB (device) data interfaces for data transfer, and USB (host) for connecting a USB keyboard to conveniently record item numbers, mixtures, navigate menus, etc.
  • U.S. FDA 21 Part 11 compliance: Supports data integrity according to U.S. FDA 21 Part 11 (e.g., weighing result, sample ID, user name, balance ID, …).
  • Menu language: German, English.
  • Automatic output of data to printer/PC with stable weight.
  • Only for models with readability [d] = 0.00001 g: Included multifunction weighing pan minimizes the effect of air currents in the weighing space, significantly improving stabilization time and repeatability. Additionally, protruding samples, test paper, microcentrifuge tubes, and much more can be conveniently secured and weighed without issues.
  • Automatic sliding doors – controllable via sensors.
  • Alternative opening by pressing a button.
  • Erlenmeyer flask port.