Humidity meter (thermobalance) KETT model FD-800

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  • State-of-the-art infrared moisture analyzer model
  • Minimum moisture content display of 0.01%, weight display of 1mg
  • Dual temperature control enables monitoring of tray temperatures as well
  • Significantly reduced measurement time compared to other models
  • Dual temperature sensor. Alongside ambient temperature control using a conventional thermistor (T1), a radiation thermometer (T2) has been employed to directly measure the temperature of a new sample, thus enabling high-level temperature control that maximizes the advantages of both sensor types.
  • Multiple moisture measurements possible with multi-drying mode
  • Advanced temperature control. In addition to temperature control via a conventional thermistor (T1), a radiation thermometer (T2) is used to directly measure the sample temperature, allowing advanced temperature control that fully leverages the benefits of both sensor types.
  • High-precision measurement. With the ability to measure the sample temperature, optimal drying conditions can be set to match sample characteristics, preventing burning or quality alterations and enabling more accurate moisture measurement.
  • New type of automatic tare mechanism. As measurement is automatically performed during zero-point calibration of the balance, scale drift is minimized even during long measurement times, enabling high-precision measurements.
  • The FD-800 displays humidity variations at 30-second intervals. Humidity changes (ΔM) are shown in the display area. This feature is effective for determining completion of drying and final measurement conditions.
  • Measurement possible for various sample types. Measurement is allowed for most samples that vaporize only in terms of moisture content and do not undergo hazardous reactions when heated, such as oils, hydrocarbons, etc.