Super Powder Mill Nishimura


In milling it’s important to utilize essential ingredients of rice whch are different from one of wheat. Self-pulverization Mill machine “Super powder mill” is evaluated now, because if prevents starh damage and starch gelatinization, and if can control moist and crumb up in sharp grain size distribution.


Technical Features

This machine:

  • can do the Semi-Wet milling and brown rice milling.
  • rarely causes starch damage because of Self-mill grinding method which grinds among raw materials. The method makes smaller impact power in grinding and cruch finishes for a short time.
  • yields air much, and doesn’t rise so much ecause this machine roles grinding medium. There is no danger of starch gelatinization.
  • make materials stay inside machine until it is broken up as set up, so the size of grain ar D50 in fine and sharp grain size distribution.
  • stabilize water content ratio after grind by corporation of flash drying.
  • is easy to open and close casing, so you can clean this easily


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