Stone Separator Naan TQSC-28


Assimilating the advantages of advanced machines at home and abroad, this gravity stone-removed machine is a new type with design improved, possessing the characters of large handling capacity and stable technical performance. It is applicable to separate stone and iron impurities from raw grain and finished rice.


This machine is composed of feed mechanism, suction device, fan, screen, machine base and vibratory motor.

Feed mechanism consists of feed tube, upper cover and proportioning plate, etc. The upper is connected to hose pipe while the lower is linked to screen. The upper cover is equipped with big observation window connected to suction device through hose of air channel.

Suction device consists of suction tube,air volume adjust mechanism and air meter.

The whole screen, composed of upper and lower-layer roucher screen surface, secondary cleaner screen surface, discharge outlet and stone outlet, is supported by the base of machine through hollow rubber gasket.

This machine is driven by double vibratory motors, which rotate negative direction interactually and make screen move back and forth.

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