Yasar CRM 125 2T – Paddy Quality Test Machine

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Intended Use:

The paddy testing machines are designed to provide fast and accurate results of the efficiency of the paddy product.

Application Fields:

This machine is manufactured to meet the requirements of rice processing plants, food analysis laboratories, product research & development institutes and educational institutes.

Features & Advantages:

  • Compact design (entire process is in a single unit)
  • Output rice, broken, dust, dandruff can be seen separately.
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet and smooth operation,
  • Identical structure height

Technical Specifications:

  • The machine can perform the efficiency test with 100 grams of paddy.
  • The steady transmission of the paddy to the machine is provided by a vibrating groove.
  • The peeling system is made by polyurethane rollers.
  • There are 2 different programmable time relays on the machine. One is for the peeler and polisher, and the other is for the broken separating process.
  • There is a stone whitening and polishing system in the machine.
  • There is a brake system to allow adjustment of the degree of whiteness of the paddy.
  • The machine has separate collection containers for fine bran, thick bran and paddy products.
  • There is an absorbent aspirator system that separates the polished rice and paddy husk from the bran inside it.
  • There is an adjustable polyurethane brake system for polishing
  • The suction power of the sucking fan system can be adjusted
  • There is an internal broken separation drum in the machine.
  • The filter cyclone system offers a dust-free working environment
  • It works with a single-phase 220 V 0.75 kW motor.

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