Yasar 1KT-50, 1KT-70 – Control Length Grader

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Intended Use:

The length grader machine is used to separate rice from broken rice in accordance to their heights.

Application Fields:

Trieur’s are generally used in the food industry in processing of products like rice, flour – semolina and other grain products. In rice processing plants it is used to separate broken and sizing grains. Due to the pressure feature of the sieve system it can separate broken rice from full rice using height as base. The machine is manufactured in two floors.

Features & Advantages:

  • Compact design and easy installation
  • Durability and long lifetime
  • Optimal cleaning
  • Easy sampling
  • Flexible application settings
  • Easy maintenance and trouble-free operation
  • Minimum operating costs

Technical Specifications:

  • The machine is manufactured out of rectangular and square frames and welded together in a sturdy structure.
  • The machine consists of the body, notched drum, a screw type conveyor (spiral) and broken collecting pan.
  • The machine being two floor, a suitable sieve number is chosen according to the rice type
  • The machine consists of the body, specially made pressure sieve drum, a screw type conveyor (spiral) and broken collecting pan.
  • There is an internal brush system to prevent the clogging of the sieve holes.
  • The machine drums are made with separating to two features, to provide easy replacement and maintenance-cleaning ease.
  • The broken separating pan’s tilt can be adjustment can be applied according to desire.
  • If desired, the product can be taken out of the machine after passing through the first floor through a flap. Since the geared motor is directly coupled with the sieve drums, maintenance cost is lower than belt and chain drive systems.
  • 1KT-50: Capacity: 1-2 Ton/ Hour
  • 1KT-50: Engine : 1 unit 1, 1 KW geared motor
  • 1KT-70: Capacity: 1,5-2,5 Ton/ Hour
  • 1KT-70: Engine : 1 unit 1, 1 KW geared motor

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